1 – Converting to Gitlab CI

How to convert my static website from a shared VM hosted solution to AWS S3 with AWS CloudFront!

Ubiquitous domain driven project and repository naming

We all know names are important. Probably the most important names are those of projects themselves. Ubiquitous names clearly define a projects’ scope, requirements and domain.

Find versus get functions

Oftentimes find* and get* functions, such as findByEmail or getByEmail functions are used interchangeably. There is however a subtle difference in expectation, even with the words find and get.

Re-usable Form components in Zend Framework 3 with Doctrine 2

Tutorial on creating re-usable Forms, Fieldsets and InputFilters and how to nest these to minimize maintenance and speed up form development.

14 – Finishing up blog tutorial

You should now have an understanding on how to get started with the combination of Zend and Doctrine. Though this tutorial handles really only the basics, it lays a foundation of where to start.

13 - Delete Blog post

This is very similar to adding and editing a post.

12 – Edit Blog post

By now the process of creating a new action should be familiar. First up we’re going to create the route, then the view, then the action, followed lastly with whatever is needed for the action and ...

11 – Add Blog post

Now that we have an InputFilter setup, we can create the addAction.

10 - Create Blog InputFilter

Something important to note about what’s defined in an InputFilter is that you define both the client-side validation and the server validation. These two are name separated and duplicated. Let me ...

9 – Create abstract form

When creating forms we’re going to be following the same principles we’ve followed earlier, mainly DRY and separation of concerns.