Posts 14 – Finishing up blog tutorial

14 – Finishing up blog tutorial

You should now have an understanding on how to get started with the combination of Zend and Doctrine. Though this tutorial handles really only the basics, it lays a foundation of where to start.

Challenge yourself by continueing to build onto this tutorial code. For example, challenge yourself by adding the following things to make your blog, more of a blog:

  • Add Users by creating an Account module and implementing Zend’s own zfcuser module for your own User entity
  • Require User validation for actions other than viewing posts
  • Add image handling to your application
  • Allow images to be uploaded (do this globally as Blog probably won’t be the only module using images)
  • Create a view helper to put images where you need them
  • Add images to posts
  • Add markdown as something possible within posts
  • Add Comments to posts, allow users to create these
  • You could probably think of a few other things to add as well.

I will later create additional tutorials to add just the things above (as separate tutorials). So stay tuned for future updates.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.